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Solar Photovoltaic Industry

As one of the well-known new solar energy production enterprises, Telison has become a major technology innovator and excellent supplier....

Military Industry

Telison special powder, intermediate alloy and other new material products are mainly used in aerospace military field ...

General Electronics Market

Telison enameled flat copper wire and electronic paste products are mainly used in the general electronic industry...    



2 Industrial Bases


1 New Material Testing Center


Annual 25GW  Matching Capacity for Solar Module 


80 Patents

Xi'an Telison New Materials Co.,Ltd


Founded in June 2011, Xi’an Telison New Materials Co.,Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the the R&D, production, technical services, and supporting processing equipment of high-end new materials products. The company adopts collectivize management mode. Xi’an headquarter as core base to lead strategy planning and new product development. and radiate to two production base of new materials and energy, including in Jiangsu and Baoji.

As one of well-known enterprises in new energy field, Xi’an Telison is  devoting to not only the manufacturing and sales of PV ribbon, but also R&D and production of new material product,including Ti powder, high-quality enamelled copper wire, electrocondution slurry and so on. At present, Xi’an Telison has become excellent technology innovator and supplier in new energy field .   

With high-level R&D team and international high-end detection qualification certificate, the company adopts advanced R&D mechanism by Industry-University-Research Collaboration Innovation Model and owns multiple independent R&D achievement in new material fields (including PV ribbon and Ti-powder).

In future, Xi’an Telison will devote to enhancing “Made in China” as own duty, and  continuously explore technology innovation and application in new material field to strive to be a intelligent manufacturing leading enterprise with scientific & technology innovation power and brand influence.


Industrial  Distribution

To  be  a  leading  enterprise  with  brand  influence  and  technology  innovation

Solar Photovoltaic Industry

Military Industrial

General Electronics 

Equipment Manufacture



R&D  Platform

R&D Qualification

Identified as Shaanxi Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

Certified by CNAS national laboratory

Testing  Center

Telison invested nearly 10 million CNY to introduce advanced equipment to construct four new material testing laboratories

Revising  National  Standard

Revising National






  • Carry out project cooperation and technology research and development with many famous universities

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