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Jiangsu Telison

  Jiangsu Telison New Materials Co., Ltd


                 Jiangsu Telison New Materials Co., Ltd was established in June 2017, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xi 'an Telison New Materials Co., Ltd. It is located in changzhou city near by Shanghai port, covering an area of more than 67 square kilometer,and is mainly enaged in mass production of flat enameled wire for general electric market.
             Depending on the advantage of head office in new materials technology R&D and equipment automation manufacturing, Jiangsu Telison first launched fully automatic enameled copper wire production equipment, and started complete hi-tech enterprise qualification authentication.


            At present, we are mainly working in the micro and ultra-fine enameled copper wire(thicknessless than 1.2mm and the width less than 0.6mm), which is less than 6.0mm squared. And It is estimated that the annual capacity of enameled copper wire production line will reach about 1200 tons.


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