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R&D Qualification



Shaanxi  Provincial  Enterprise  Technology  Center 

In Jan 2015, Telison was officially awarded the title of Shaanxi Provincial Enterprise Technology Center by 6 provincial units and institutes. The provincial enterprise technology center is the affirmation to strong technical innovation ability,  important demonstration and guiding effect, by which the corresponding policy support and financial reward is available. It is also an important summary measure of enterprise R&D system.

Since its establishment, Telison is always committed to the R&D and independent intellectual property development of new materials technology. This identification is a full affirmation of enterprise R&D strength. With it as the driving force, Telison will further strengthen and improve the construction of the enterprise technology center, continuously improve the independent innovation ability, and spare no effort to promote technological progress and application expansion in the field of new materials.

Be  approved  by  CNAS  national  laboratory   and  achieved  international  testing  result  authorized  qualification

In Aug 2018, the Analysis&Testing Center of Xi’an Telison New Materials Co., Ltd officially obtained the laboratory accreditation certificate by CNAS.From then on, projects declared by TELISON Analysis&Testing Center can be recognized by national and regional laboratory authorized institutions that have signed mutual recognition agreements with CNAS.

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