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Testing center

Testing center

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Material Analysis & Testing Center 



Material Analysis & Testing Center of Telison New Materials Co.,Ltd was founded in 2016,

which contained many well-known university postgraduates and experienced testing engineers.

In the Testing Center, analysis of physical and chemical properties of metal materials,

composition analysis and shape and appearance analysis will be performed.

At present,our Analysis Testing Center could not only meets internal testing demands,

but also undertakes more testing tasks in new materials filed.



Four  Laboratories     

It takes tens of millions RMB to purchase advanced testing equipment to build up four laboratories,
including powder laboratory,physicochemical laboratory, component analysis room, scanning electron microscopy - metallographic microscope laboratory.

Powder  laboratory
It is mainly used for characterization analysis of powder property, Experimental facilities include Specific Surface Analyzer, True Density Analyzer,Laser Particle Size Diffractometer, Solderability Tester and etc.
  Physicochemical  Laboratory
It is mainly used for physical and chemical properties testing of materials, including environmental testing for corrosion resistance,tensile strength, yield strength and etc. Equipment includes Salt Spra-y Tester Chamber,Metal Wire Torsion Testing Machine,Universal Tensile Machine, Grinding and Polishing Machine,Mounting Press and etc.
泰力松   Component  Analysis  Laboratory
It is mainly used for analysis of sample microelement and composition. Equipment includes Direct-reading Spectrometer,Energy-dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, Oxygen And Nitrogen Hydrogen Analyzer and etc.
Scanning Electron Microscopy laboratory
It is mainly used for microstructure and microcomponent analysis.
Equipment includes Scaning Electron Microscope,MetallogRaphic Microscope.

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