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Xi'an Telison "Multi-busbar Ribbon in progress report meeting" was held

2017-09-04 17:26

       On September 4, Xi'an Telison "Multi-busbar Ribbon in progress report meeting" was held at its headquarter in the meeting room. General Manager, Chief Engineers, Marketing Director and other leaders attended the meeting as well as other representatives from engineering, production and marketing department. 


        This report analyzed all aspects of the project, including technical summary, quality data feedback, new product marketing and future planning.


        According to the person in charge of the project, compared with common ribbons, Telison multi-busbar ribbons can reduce the loss of silver paste by nearly 30%, increase the power by 5-10W, and the module conversion efficiency will increase by 3% or more. Also among the few MBB ribbon manufactures in China, Telison is the only mass production factory. At present, Telison MBB ribbon has passed the test of leading module manufacturers in China and began to supply in batches. 


        Telison will continue to strengthen the brand influence and extend the technology achievements. In the future, we will rely on the development platform of provincial-level enterprise technology centers and continue to improve the innovation, introduce high-end technical talents, build the technical service elite team and start the independent development of a new chapter.


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