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Baoji Telison Got High Expectation And Praise From Provincial And City Leaders

2016-07-25 09:46

         Recently, Baoji Telison got the warmly caring fromm local government leaders. June 23, The Secretary of Baoji Municipal Committee Mr Qian Yinan, The Qishan County Clerk Mr He Hongnian went to Baoji Telison for inspection, during their visit in  manufacturing shop,the workers introduced business operating and future development of Baoji Telison as well as the new products-metal powder, the government leaders express their interest for the products and specially instructed the quality control,safety and so on, support and encourage us for the rapidly and sustainable development. 


       June 28, The vice president of Shaanxi Trade Unions Mr Wang Hongbing visited Baoji Telison. Mr Wang visited manufacturing dept and listening to the worker’s introduction for new products and samples, he highly praised the new products metal powder for 3D printing industry and send his warmly greetings to the workers.  



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