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Telison Was Invited To The German SLM Solutions Group 3D Printing Technical Seminar

2015-12-12 11:36

        The vice general manager Mr. Dong wenwei and project manager Mr. Li xiaoyang were invited to German SLM Solutions group 3D printing technical seminar in Shanghai on Nov.12,2015.


       From the point of view of industry application and function, 3D printing equipment has widely applicated in aerospace, cars, consumer electronics, industry, medicine, construction and other fields, from the ealiest used in teaching display to extended manufacturing of industrial moulds and parts . During the seminar, many topics about 3D printing were raised: “multi-Laser application in the field of 3D printing”; “Application of SLM in the field of technology”,etc. All the participants on the 3D printing has a more systematic, more profound understanding. 



        SLM solutions group is a pioneer in the field of metal rapid formation  which focuses on selective laser melting (SLM) devoted in metal powder laser formation . SLM solutions group is a world leader whether in the fields of formation of special metal bill (titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, etc.) or in the application of laser (laser double, four laser, 1000W fiber laser). 



        3D printing technology mainly consists of device, software and material in which the material is an indispensable part, SLM Solutions Group Shanghai Branch plays a vital role in promoting 3D printing industry development in China. Telison, which is a new material and new energy equipment and components service provider with the help of new materials R&D laboratory platform, it can provide titanium-based alloy;copper-based alloy;high temperature alloy, tinned-alloy, and other materials, Telison mainly focuses on construction of the titanium-based material used in the fields of Aerospace;medicine;etc .

        Facing the great opportunities of technological and industrial revolution, and with the government guidance and market driven, as new products development and design; complicated structure design for key areas required , Telison makes full use of technological innovation as the driving force to solve problems on the materials and equipment during research and development process, and strive to seize the top level of   science and technology and industry in the future.


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