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Setting Up Safety Image To Promote Work Safety

2015-06-03 13:46

        On July 3, 2015 at 13 PM, Telison held safety knowledge contest and emergency exercise, after the whole month of safety propaganda in June, this safety knowledge contest and emergency exercise could be a perfect ending for safety month. The event consists of two parts: knowledge contest and emergency . Before the opening, production base manager Wang Meng delivered 10-minutes speech to sum up the security importance and necessity and open the ceremony for the final section of safety production month . 


       The first part: the knowledge contest. The host deal with safety production issues, and then started contest. The host presented the question and staff who race the first to answer the question, the winner would get prize and the loser also would get memorial prize. Aiming these 20 questions, all the staff were scrambling to raise their hands for  hoping to choose, luckily, most of them answered correctly and certain sense of proud were sent out in their faces because they felt very excited for exchanging such small gifts for knowledge. During the second half of contest, the atmosphere kept extremely warm because everyone was absorbed in the contest.Finally, the first safety contest part ended at an exciting atmosphere.



         The second part: emergency exercise. After the knowledge contest, the second part of the emergency exercise continued. Based on the most potential danger circumstances, Telison organized a fire drill. fire extinguisher, wood paper confetti, fuel and several face masks and medical alcohol, medicine, drills etc.were all prepared, after a clerk lit the wooden case, other employees orderly escaped from fire under the guidance of security guardian , and then on-site personnel tried their best to use the fire extinguisher to put out the air. Since then,all the employees on-site actively participated in cleaning injury wrapping site. At last, these two exercises were successfully finished. 


         The safety production month activities has officially ended so far, high strength safety knowledge publicity alone for a long time, the plant staff safety consciousness obviously enhanced and operating habits has become more and more formally, meanwhile, all the trained staff could find and deal with hidden dangers timely so that they could make a contribution to Telison production safety. 


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