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Telison Participated The 9th SNEC PV Power Expo In Shanghai

2015-04-28 13:50



        On April 28,2015, under the leadership of Shaanxi electronic information group, along with the group's eight other enterprises , Telison  participated the 9th SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai.SNEC Exhibition is the world's leading PV gathering, the 9th SNEC Expo held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, first SNEC gathering only occupied 1.5 million square meters in 2007 to 15 million square meters in 2014, a total of 1526 exhibitors from 90 countries and regions around the world attended this gathering, which accounted for 30% of the international exhibitors, SNEC has already become a world’s most influential gathering for its international; professional and large-scaled features,etc.

        SNEC(2015)PV POWER EXPO exhibits:PV production equipment and materials; PV cells ; PV products and cells, as well as PV projects and systems ,etc.It displays the entire PV industry chain. More than 1 ,800 domestic and international PV companies and 150,000 professional audience attended this gathering at  180 ,000square meters exhibition area in April 2015 in Shanghai.  

        Telison, as one of the conductive material supplier in PV upstream industry chain , has always devoted to the R&D, marketing the tin coated PV ribbon. In this exhibition, in order to expanding excellent products properties, Telison still made efforts to promote the new welding products to keep existing customers and earn new customers.

        During three-day SNEC gathering, Telison received different PV industry professionals from all over the world, sales personnel continuous explained products in detail so as to fully understand Telison’s products for future cooperation. Besides, Telison also sent production and quality representatives to other counterparts to acquire the latest technology and products information to form a strategic thinking mode to ensure Telison products’ excellent properties and perspectiveness. 


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