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Xi 'an Telison New Materials Co., LTD Was Listed In NEEQ

2014-12-24 14:07

        On December 24,2014, Northwestern Machinery Co., Ltd.subsidiary Xi'an Telison New Materials Co., Ltd. was approved and listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations( NEEQ) . 

        Founded in 2011, Telison has been always persisting on market-oriented and taking technology as motivation; promoting the business with business model innovation, depending on production business rapid growth and core competitiveness continuously rising,  Telison has already being a high-tech & high-growth company with excellent business performance. In order to promote Telison achieve a higher level of improvement, since early April 2014, under the guidance of Shaanxi electronic information group co., Ltd and northwest machinery Co., Ltd., Telison has been engaged in listing on NEEQ work. 


        According to strict auditing by accounting firm and law office to  examine the legal matters, after assets evaluation, securities dealers’ investigation, and information is fed back to relevant departments and censorred by laws and regulations such as People’s Republic of China company law, the Securities Law of the People’s Republic of China, State council on listing NEEQ issues, Non-listed public company supervision and management measures Business rules of NEEQ(Pilot edition) etc. On December 24,2015, Telison approved to list on NEEQ and hold opening ceremony on January 13, 2015 in Beijing.



        Xi’an Telison New Materials co., LTD. was the first one successfully applied for NEEQ in the latter half of 2014 in Shaanxi province and the first mixed ownership company listed on NEEQ in Shaanxi Electronic Information Group and in Shaanxi province. Successfully approved in NEEQ has given Telison high appraise and improved Telison’s brand-awareness to promote Telison standardize management and   expand wider financing platform. In a word, listing on NEEQ has far-reaching influence and create a better condition to set up a “green channel” for changing GEM board. There is no doubt that Telison will develop better and better in the future thanks to listing on the NEEQ. 


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