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Telison PV Ribbon production line for 10GW MBB high-efficiency solar module officially settled in Baoji City

2020-05-25 17:51

    On May 22, the signing ceremony of the sixth batch of headquarters enterprises and investment promotion projects in Baoji City was held. 

    On the signing ceremony, Baoji Telison New Materials Co.,Ltd, as subsidiary of Telison, officially signed with the Caijiapo Economic Development Zone for the PV ribbon production line of 10GW MBB high-efficiency solar module. 

    The project is invested by Baoji Telison, which located in Caijiapo Economic Development Zone with total area of 600㎡. It is planned to be constructed in two phases. And Baoji Telison will focus on promoting the construction of MBB ribbon production lines and mass production operation. It’s estimated that 10GW MBB high-efficient solar modules can be equipped with the PV ribbon.
    This project is implemented as a new development layout to positively response to the national “the Belt and Road”policy, promote the international market development and meet strategic customers requirement. 

    The national“the Belt and Road”policy and foundation of the only free trade zones (FTZ) in Shaanxi provide foreign trade enterprise with an excellent and renew chance for better economy development. By the national policy, TOPRAY SOLAR and LONGI, completed the delivery of solar module from distance in April,2020. However, the project of Baoji Telison PV Ribbon mass production will greatly promote the business development of Telison PV Ribbon.  


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