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05 2020-06

Congratulations to Telison and Shaanxi University of Science and Technology on 2019 Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award in their cooperation project

 The Technology and Equipment by Rolling ultra-fine round copper Wire to Manufacturing the Solar PV Ribbon declared by the Northwest Machine won the third prize of 2019 Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards.
25 2020-05

Telison PV Ribbon production line for 10GW MBB high-efficiency solar module officially settled in Baoji City

On May 22, the signing ceremony of the sixth batch of headquarters enterprises and investment promotion projects in Baoji City was held. 
30 2020-04

Upgrade brand management, Start Telison Boutique Project

On April 30th, Telison Boutique Project specialized meeting of initiated by Telison genral manager was held in the meeting room of the headquarters.
31 2019-05

Welcome 2019 SNEC, Telison triangle PV Ribbon & Conductive Adhensive is widely popular

In SENC 2019 PV Power EXPO, Telison continuously promoted latest research results including Shingled PV Ribbon and Triangle PV Ribbon
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