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Enameled copper flat wire

Time of issue:2019-10-11 00:00:00
Main  Products   

 At present, we are mainly working in the micro and ultra-fine enameled copper flat wire (less than 1.2mm thick and less than of 06.0mm squared.

And the complete production line is expected to produce about 1200 tons of enameled wire each year.

Specification:Thickness 0.08-1.00mm, Width: 0.50-5.50mm



Enamelled copper flat wire(Part 2)

Time of issue:2019-10-23 00:00:00



Products are widely used in the industry of the electronic element, including high quality electronic transformer, high power inductance, flat-panel transformer, SQ inductor,filter and etc.
Products are used for wireless charging,photovoltaic inverter,automotive electronics, consumer electronics and so on.

Has Been Certified



Telison enamelled copper wire has been certified by SHS and UL.


Strategic  Planning


In the future, Telison will be committed to becoming professional manufacturing enterprise of the micro and ultra-fine enameled copper flat wire
to offer customers with high-quality,cost-effective products and services.

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